Am I A Loving Person?

  • A loving person is someone who accepts the free will choices of others.

  • They accept the fact that everything they have experienced is a consequence of the choices they have made.

  • They do not embrace fear (the opposite of love).

  • They do not judge themselves or others.

  • They understand that when we judge someone else we deny our natural ability to loving and be One with Source.

  • They see each experience in life as an opportunity to learn about their own creative abilities.

  • They do not have the desire to change anything about other people or events outside themselves.

  • They will be aware of their connection to Source.

  • They will understand why they exist.

  • They will never worry about family, friends or anything else.

  • They will have no need to embrace any kind of religious belief system that requires them to be fear-based and to stand in judgment of others.

  • They will accept the actions of those who choose to create with fear and negativity as being “perfect”.

  • They will have no problem utilizing their abilities to perceive the physical and nonphysical aspects of this world.

  • They will live their lives in harmony with the environment they find themselves in, regardless of its state of being.

  • They will automatically make the highest choices when co-creating with others.

  • In order to become a loving person we need to master our fears and judgments so our energies shift further into the light. When this happens we will find ourselves accessing our innate knowledge and wisdom and awakening to our connection to our own soul and Source.


The way to master your fears is to realize as an aspect of Source you are an eternal indestructible all-powerful being exploring a realm of duality. To realize that fear is the creation of your own consciousness. In order to do this we have forgotten who we are in order to allow ourselves to experience fear and all of its manifestations. To the soul there is no such thing as pain or suffering just experience. To the soul aspect on this level reality has to be real in order for it to have any validity. So to your soul all of your experiences are an illusion but do the soul aspect (you reading this) they are reality. But in reality, reality is an illusion.


So it is time to remember who you are through choosing love if you want to experience the higher aspects of consciousness as an individualized personality who is part of the collective consciousness called humanity. And it is time to remember who you are if peace is something you desire in this world.